New IPA Report released in Permafrost and Periglacial Processes

"Report from the International Permafrost Association: Increasing regional activities on a global scale" was recently published in Volume 30, Issue 2 of Permafrost and Periglacial Processes. The report covers our past two conferences (ACOP2017 and EUCOP5), ongoing core activities, and future events. Access the report at:

GlobPermafrost products available through the Permafrost Information System (PerSys) portal

The ESA GlobPermafrost project (2016-2019) recently completed the Permafrost Information System (PerSys), an open access data portal for GlobPermafrost products and related results and data sets. The thematic products include global mean annual ground temperature and zonation for permafrost areas, Landsat trends (1999-2014; 10% of Arctic permafrost covered), local to regional maps on landcover, vegetation height, ground fast lake ice, subsidence rates, and rock glacier activity. A dedicated interface f…

Read the annual news bulletin: Frozen Ground 42

Frozen Ground 42, which details IPA activities in 2018, is now available as a PDF! This newsletter demonstrates the diversity of interests and high level of involvement among our members. Thanks to those that have participated in the highlighted activities and/or contributed material for this volume of Frozen Ground. If you are curious about IPA happenings in other years, all Frozen Ground volumes are available via the "Publications" tab.

IPA Senior VP Chris Burn awarded Canadian Polar Medal

The IPA Senior Vice-President, Chris Burn, has been awarded the Canadian Polar Medal. Prof. Burn is being honored for his contributions to permafrost science based on his work in the western Canadian Arctic, productive partnerships with stakeholders in Canada's North, and dedicated training of the next generation of northern researchers. Prof. Burn is also on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Permafrost Association. The Polar Medal was presented to Prof. Burn in Ottawa on November 5th. The list of…

Call for new IPA Action Groups

The IPA currently has an open call for new Action Groups. Action Groups are meant to fund targeted groups working towards the production of well-defined, permafrost-related products. Action Groups are funded on a competitive basis at up to 2500€ per year (maximum of 5000€ over the life of an Action Group). These groups focus on clearly defined research outputs, such as maps, science plans, or databases, that can be supported through the organization of workshops, management support, technical suppo…