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The IPA is engaged in a variety of activities to help foster global scientific and engineering research in permafrost and permafrost-related fields. This includes organizing and supporting action groups, interest groups and standing committees, as well as offering awards to members to recognize excellence.

Action Groups

IPA Action Groups are meant to fund targeted groups working towards the production of well-defined products. Action Groups are funded on a competitive basis at up to 2500€ per year (maximum of 5000€ over the life of an Action Group). Up to 10000€ per year of the IPA total budget will be devoted to Action Groups. These groups have limited terms and focus on clearly defined research outputs, such as maps, science plans, or databases

Interest Groups

Interest Groups of the IPA are a forum for the specialties and sub-topics of permafrost research. Interest Groups address scientific issues in a problem solving context, often focusing on communication and collaboration surrounding a specific topic.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees help the IPA achieve its mission and perform essential duties. Standing Committees provide long-term, essential contributions related to the IPA’s objectives and report to the IPA Executive Committee, Council, and Secretariat.


The International Permafrost Association administers three awards, each geared towards excellence in permafrost research and involvement in the permafrost community. They are presented during international or regional conferences.