Action Groups

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Action Groups are meant to fund targeted groups working towards the production of well-defined products. Action Groups are funded on a competitive basis at up to 2500€ per year (maximum of 5000€ over the life of an Action Group). Up to 10000€ per year of the IPA total budget will be devoted to Action Groups. These groups have limited terms and focus on clearly defined research outputs, such as maps, science plans, or databases, that can be supported through the organization of workshops, management support, technical support, etc.

Reporting from our Action Groups can be found in the IPA’s annual bulletin, Frozen Ground.

How to apply

The call for new Action Groups occurs on an annual basis in the autumn. The IPA Executive Committee will have an open call for Action Groups in early 2024.

To apply, please download the application document and fill out the sections in a separate document. Return the application as a PDF to the IPA Secretariat at (c/o Emma Stockton).

Applications for 2023 are now closed.

Current Action Groups

Past Action Groups