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Country Reports

The IPA compiles and publishes reports from its adhering bodies in the annual IPA Country Reports. These reports provide a snapshot of permafrost-related research, science, and engineering taking place all over the world. The Country Reports archive dates back to 1988. 

Frozen Ground Newsletter

The IPA provides updates on all aspects of the organization through the annual publication of its newsletter: Frozen Ground. It features reports from standing committees and interest groups, information about upcoming events, obituaries, and more. The newsletter archive reaches back all the way to 1986 and provides a glimpse into the history of the IPA.

Conference Proceedings

The proceedings from the International and Regional Conferences on Permafrost are a rich record of the history of permafrost research. The earliest conference proceedings are from the First International Conference on permafrost in 1963, predating the formation of the IPA.

Other IPA Reports and Publications

In addition to the regular publication of newsletters, country reports and conference proceedings, there are individual reports publications supported by the IPA.