Standing Committees

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Standing Committees help the IPA achieve its mission and perform essential duties. Standing Committees provide long-term, essential contributions related to the IPA’s objectives and report to the IPA Executive Committee, Council, and Secretariat.

The IPA has the following Standing Committees:

Antarctic Permafrost and Soils (ANTPAS)

ANTPAS is an IPA Standing Committee with the aim to develop an internationally coordinated, web-accessible, database and monitoring system on Antarctic permafrost and soils.


The Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P) is the primary international programme concerned with monitoring the permafrost essential climate variables

Nominations and Awards Committee (NAC)

The Nominations and Awards Committee is responsible for screening candidates for election to the Executive Committee and determining recipients of IPA Awards.

Education and Outreach

The IPA Education and Outreach Standing Committee promotes permafrost education and outreach to all generations across the globe.