Pavel I. Melnikov Award

The Pavel I. Melnikov Award is granted every four years at the International Conference on Permafrost since 2008. It acknowledges the excellent presentation of a young scientist in permafrost engineering.

2016 Award Winner: Heather M. Brooks

The recipient of the 2016 Pavel I. Melnikov Award is Heather M. Brooks from Université Laval.

Presentation: Brooks, H.M., Doré, G., Allard, M., Locat, A., & Lemieux, C. Quantifying probability of thaw settlement occurrence and vulnerability to climate warming – Iqaluit Airport, Nunavut

Previous Awardees

2012 Julie Lepage (Laval University, Quebec, Canada)

Presentation: Lepage, J.M., Doré, G., Fortier, D., Murchison, P. Thermal Permafrost of the Permafrost Protection Techniques at Beaver Creek Experimental Road Site, Yukon, Canada

2008 Kevin Bjella (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory)

Presentation: Bjella, K. The Effect of Near-Freezing Temperatures on the Stability of an Underground Excavation in Permafrost