Coastal and Offshore Permafrost Dynamics (COPD)


  • George Cherkashov, Russia
  • Paul Overduin, Germany

Statement of Goals:

  • Support the development and production of maps of subsea permafrost distribution and state
  • Coordinate an Arctic coastal erosion modelling effort
  • Support the  Remote Sensing Task Force (liaison  Steve Solomon) with the collection of standardized remote sensing data products for coastal monitoring sites and the development of new tools for the detection of permafrost in the coastal zone including historical shoreline positions
  • Support the establishment of coastal observatories with development of standard operating procedures for permafrost-relevant observational parameters


  • Proposed Kara Sea field expedition; ISSI workshops (Switzerland), Arctic Change (2008, Canada); Arctic Ocean workshop (2009, Netherlands), ASSW (2009, Norway), EGU session (2009), joint IPY session ACD -AOSB (2010, Norway)

Web page address: and www.arcticportal/acd/acconet.
Liaison person with SCDIC:  Hugues Lantuit
Liaison international organizations and programs: LOICZ (IGBP/IHDP), ACD, IASC, ACCOnet