The Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P) is the primary international programme concerned with monitoring the permafrost essential climate variables, namely permafrost temperature and active layer thickness. GTN-P was developed by the IPA under the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) and the Global Terrestrial Observing Network (GTOS). The GTN-P database is the free, open-source central database for permafrost observations, with over 1000 borehole measurement sites, 200+ Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring (CALM) sites, and a variety of additional datasets including satellite-derived surface temperature, satellite-derived surface soil moisture, and air temperature.

Steering committee
  • Dmitry Streletskiy, Chair, USA
  • Jeannette Noetzli, Co-Chair, Switzerland
  • Sharon Smith, Co-Chair, Canada
  • Philippe Schoeneich, France
  • Gonçalo Vieira, Portugal
  • Aleksey Maslakov, Young National Correspondent Representative, Russia
Advisory Board
  • Boris Biskaborn, past GTN-P Director (2014-2018), Germany
  • Jerry Brown, past IPA President (2003-2008), USA
  • Eduardo Cremonese, Italy
  • Hanne H. Christiansen, current IPA President (2016-2020), Norway
  • Wilfried Haeberli, Switzerland
  • Barry Goodison, Canada
  • Margareta Johansson, Sweden
  • Halldor Johannsson, Iceland
  • Hugues Lantuit, Germany
  • Paolo Pogliotti, Italy
  • Vladimir Romanovsky, USA

GTN-P Workshops

The development of GTN-P has been supported by several workshops:

GTN-P Workshop 2015

GTN-P Workshop 2013

GTN-P Workshop 2011