Periglacial Landforms, Processes and Climate


  • Julian Murton, U.K.
  • Norikazu Matsuoka, Japan
  • Ole Humlum, Norway Webmaster

Statement of Goals:

  • Produce a report on the climatic significance of periglacial features to update Washburn’s 1980 paper in Earth Science Reviews and provide a state-of-the-art review for researchers working on climate change and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction
  • Update regularly the handbook on the methods of monitoring of periglacial processes in order to standardize field procedures
  • Set up and maintain a website to promote periglacial geomorphology
  • Activities:
  • EGU GM5.1:Periglacial Processes, Landforms and Environments (2009); symposium and workshop to celebrate Professor Charles Harris (2009, France); summer 2010 session at UNIS to include symposium on the climatic significance of periglacial features and a field workshop on monitoring of periglacial processes; continue annual EGU sessions on periglacial geomorphology

Web page:
Liaison with SCDIC: Julian Murton
Liaison with international organizations and programs: IGU as co-convenor of CRE, IAG