Permafrost and Climate


  • Oleg A. Anisimov, Russia
  • Frederick E. Nelson, U.S.A.

Statement of Goals:

  • Develop and promote diverse approaches to modeling and mapping of permafrost, including both probabilistic and deterministic methodologies
  • Emphasis will also be placed on integrative mapping/modeling, involving the dynamics of periglacial features and carbon fluxes from thawing permafrost
  • Coordinate, in conjunction with the Standing Committee on Data Information and Communication, preparation of a biannual assessment of the state of permafrost


Meetings in conjunction with major conferences including the American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting and the European Geophysical Union’s annual meeting
Web page: none; see CALM web for data:
Liaison with SCDIC: F. E. Nelson
Liaison with international organizations and programs: CALM, CLiC, IPCC, ITEX, TSP, WMO/GCOS and FAO/GTOS/TEMS, ICP