Permafrost Engineering


  • Richard Fortier, Canada
  • Fujun Niu, China
  • Lukas Arenson, Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN)

Statement of Goals:

  • Organize a technical session on engineering geophysics for the detection and characterization of thaw sensitive zones in a permafrost environment during the Canadian Conference on Permafrost (2010)
  • Identify and advertise an inventory of engineering test sections in a permafrost environment
  • Compile guidelines for best engineering practices in a permafrost environment
  • Recruit engineers as members of the Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN) engineers


Participate in national permafrost conferences in Canada and Russia, annual Canadian Geotechnical Conferences, ASCE Cold Regions Engineering Conferences
Liaison person with SCDIC: Richard Fortier
Liaison with international organizations and programs: ISSMGE TC8, ASCE/TCCRE, IAEG, CGS