Task Force on Remote Sensing


  • Guido Grosse, U.S.A. ggrosse@gi.alaska.edu
  • Claude Duguay, Canada crduguay@uwaterloo.ca

Statement of Goals:

  • Promote the use of airborne and spaceborne sensors in detection and mapping of permafrost properties and periglacial processes in the light of ongoing climate change
  • Strengthen technical expertise and use of remote sensing in other IPA working groups, i.e. on coastal dynamics, periglacial landforms and processes, and permafrost mapping
  • Synthesize a peer-reviewed paper on current developments in remote sensing of permafrost environments
  • Establish linkages to major space and funding agencies (NASA, ESA, CSA, JAXA, DLR) to promote importance of permafrost monitoring from space


  • Oral and Poster Sessions on Remote Sensing of Changes in Terrestrial Permafrost at AGU (2008)
  • coordinate involvement of permafrost field researchers and modelers as individual user groups in the European Space Agency Project ‘Data User Element Permafrost’ starting in 2009
  • participate at other international meetings with dedicated sessions on remote sensing of permafrost during 2009-2012

Data Liaison with SCDIC: Guido Grosse
Liaison with international organizations and programs: ESA Data User Element Permafrost