Towards an international database of geoelectrical surveys on permafrost (IDGSP)

The main objective of IDGSP is to bring together the international community
interested in geoelectrical measurements on permafrost and to lay the foundations for an operational
International Database of Geoelectrical Surveys on Permafrost. More specifically IDGSP aims to:

  • Integrate historical and recent ERT surveys within the IDGSP to serve as (a) permafrost evidences
    on a spatially denser grid than existing borehole temperatures and (b) baseline for permafrost and
    ground ice content monitoring in combination with GTN-P.
  • Define a common strategy and standardized QA/QC criteria for repetition and inversion of ERT
  • Promote the repetition of geoelectrical measurements by providing financial and technical support
  • Develop standard permafrost resistivity data products (map of locations, typical values for different materials and landforms, standard figures of mean resistivity change over time)
  • Increase the awareness of the value of geophysical data within the permafrost community and
    coordinate first steps toward their potential integration into GTN-P.

Contact: Christian Hauck ( and Coline Mollaret (