2024 EGU General Assembly: Call for session abstracts

Organizers of the 2024 European Geosciences Union General Assembly invite session abstracts. The hybrid meeting will take place 14-19 April 2024 in Vienna, Austria and online.

The abstract submission deadline is 10 January 2024 (13:00 CET).

There are several sessions dedicated to permafrost in the programme group “CR – Cryospheric Sciences”, including:

CR4 – Frozen ground, debris-covered glaciers and geomorphology

CR4.1 – General session on Permafrost
Convener: Radhakrishna Bangalore Lakshmiprasad
Co-conveners: Thomas Graf, Andrew Frampton, Vladimir Romanovsky, Brian Groenke

CR4.2 – Disturbance processes in permafrost regions
Convener: Helena Bergstedt
Co-conveners: Louise Farquharson, Rebecca Scholten, Sonam Wangchuk

CR4.3 – Mountain permafrost: Advances in understanding and response to climate change
Convener: Riccardo Scandroglio
Co-conveners: Samuel Weber, Coline Mollaret, Theresa Maierhofer

GM10.5 EDI – New insights into the dynamics of rock glaciers
Co-organized by CR4
Convener: Cécile Pellet
Co-conveners: Sebastián Vivero, Diego Cusicanqui, Lea Hartl, Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer

GM10.2 EDI – Cold Regions Geomorphology
Co-organized by CR4
Convener: Isabelle Gärtner-Roer
Co-conveners: Sven Lukas, Clare Boston, Jenna Sutherland, Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer

CR7 – The Cryosphere in the Earth system: interdisciplinary topics

CR7.1 – Permafrost dynamics, interactions, and feedbacks: past, present, and future
Co-organized by BG3
Convener: In-Won Kim
Co-conveners: Norman Steinert, David Wårlind, Victor Brovkin, Jan Nitzbon