Frozen Canoes: Elements of Permafrost Science with Dr Chris Burn

The Norwegian-Canadian Frozen Canoes project in educational initiatives for permafrost science and engineering was completed in December 2022, after five years of support from the Research Council of Norway. The project produced a series of short instructional videos on Elements of Permafrost Science, suitable for students studying permafrost science or engineering for the first time, or for people who need to review their background in the ground thermal regime, the development of ground ice, and applications of these themes to the permafrost environment. The videos were produced at Carleton University, Ottawa, ON. Two sets of videos have been prepared. The first are short, four-minute episodes that summarize a topic and provide one or two key references for the viewer to pursue off-line. There are 30 of these little units. The second are 10-15 minute programs that discuss the topics in more detail. There are 25 of these videos. The short Introductory video and summaries of the topics for the Ground Thermal Regime are already openly accessible on the Canadian Permafrost Association (CPA) website.

Links to these videos will be posted in the Resources section of the IPA website as they become available.

Frozen Canoes