ICOP2024: Call for Paper Abstracts


REMINDER: ICOP2024 Abstract submission deadline 15 May 2023

This is a friendly reminder that the May 15th deadline to submit your full paper abstracts for the upcoming ICOP2024 is swiftly approaching.

For detailed guidelines, submission instructions, and more information about the conference, kindly visit the official conference website.

The conference theme is Integrating Perspectives of Permafrost Thaw, Change, and Adaptation and we have almost 50 sessions across 13 different categories to choose from. Session titles are copied at the end of this email. Clicking on any of the links below will open a PDF description of the session or visit our webpage for a PDF of all session descriptions.

Sent on behalf of the ICOP2024 National Organizing Committee.

1. Community

2. Education

3. Permafrost Environments

4. Permafrost Geomorphology & Hazards

5. Permafrost Carbon Feedback

6. Permafrost Hydrology and Wetland Dynamics

7. Permafrost Infrastructure

8. Cold Regions Engineering Modelling, Characterization, Observation, and Testing

9. Microbial Ecology in Permafrost

10. Remote Sensing of Permafrost

11. Waste Containment in Permafrost

12. Monitoring Permafrost Conditions and Processes

13. Open Session