International Conference in Salekhard, Russia

On behalf of the Yamal-Nenets Department for External Relations, the IPA invites you to attend the International Conference on “Modern Studies of Cryosphere Transformation and Geotechnical Safety Issues for Construction in the Arctic, 2021” from 8-12 November 2021 in Salekhard, Russia.

See the list of conference topics below. For more information, please contact the Conference Coordinator, Angelina Kvitka ( or

Conference Topics:

1. Permafrost engineering

  • Challenges of design, construction, operation and maintenance of engineering structures in the permafrost zone
  • Novel technologies and materials for construction in the Arctic: testing and implementation
  • Permafrost monitoring and risk management

2. Links in cryosphere and hydrosphere

  • Offshore permafrost on the Arctic shelf
  • Dynamics of lake and river taliks
  • Ground waters of the permafrost zone

3. Landscape studies and bioindication of the state of permafrost

  • Succession dynamics in the permafrost zone
  • Viable organisms and traces of life in permafrost-affected soils and frozen rocks
  • Peatlands under the environmental changes

4. Geophysical methods in studies of permafrost

  • Geophysical monitoring of hazardous processes in ecosystems and technical facilities
  • Geophysical survey and the construction of buildings and structures
  • Challenges in prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits and fluids in the permafrost zone

5. Digital technologies and remote sensing methods in the permafrost studies

  • Improvements of collection, analysis and management of big data
  • Geographic information systems
  • Airborne- and satellite-survey of the state of permafrost

6. Physicochemical and thermal properties, and mechanics of permafrost

  • Field and laboratory methods to study frozen rocks
  • Spatial thermal computing, deformations and rheology of frozen grounds

7. Gases and gas hydrates in the permafrost zone

  • Fluxes of greenhouse gases and the biogeochemical cycles in the Arctic
  • Fluid dynamics in permafrost
  • Properties and distribution of natural gas hydrates in the permafrost zone

8. Arctic and sub-Arctic environment: features, challenges and solutions

  • Management of solid and liquid wastes in settlements and industrial facilities in the Arctic
  • Air, water and soil pollution of the permafrost zone: migration, adaptation, biodegradation and remediation.
  • Carbon footprint of human in the Arctic

9. Cryogenic processes and phenomena

  • Cryogenic phenomena in the mountains: solifluction, kurums, rock glaciers, landslides, rockfalls and mudflows
  • Stabilization of mountain slopes
  • Hazardous natural phenomena and permafrost, including extreme events (landslides, floods, droughts, etc.)

10. Links of climate and permafrost

  • Physics of the atmosphere
  • Modeling of climate-induced changes in the permafrost zone
  • Local, regional and global-scale forecasts of changes of permafrost

11. Civil protection and economic management in the permafrost zone

  • Mitigation of permafrost hazards and vulnerability of settlements
  • Challenges in mining, processing and transportation of minerals in the permafrost zone

12. Legal regulation of activities in the Arctic