Permafrost Discovery Gateway (PDG) Webinar Series

Join the Permafrost Discovery Gateway (PDG) monthly webinar series this spring!

The Thursday webinar aims to:

  • Connect the international science community interested in big data remote sensing of permafrost landscapes;
  • Provide the PDG development team with end-user stories (by the presenter and webinar participants), such as exploring community needs to create and explore big data.

You can read more about the PDG webinars here.

Spring 2023 presenters

26 January, 09:00 (AKT)
Elias Manos, University of Connecticut
Developing a deep learning approach to map pan-Arctic infrastructure from Maxar satellite imagery

23 February, 09:00 (AKT)
Chandi Witharana, University of Connecticut
Feedback on the first pan-Arctic ice-wedge polygon map

9 March, 09:00 (AKT)
Sarah Cooley, University of Oregon
Leveraging novel satellite technologies to better understand permafrost-surface water feedbacks

20 April, 09:00 (AKT)
Katie Braun & Christian Andresen, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Assessing ice wedge degradation stage using multi-scale remote sensing

4 May, 09:00 (AKT)
Logan Berner, Northern Arizona University
Next generation plant biomass maps for the Arctic tundra biome

Posted on behalf of Anna Liljedahl (Woodwell Climate Research Center)