Permafrost Discovery Gateway webinars

The NSF NNA funded Permafrost Discovery Gateway is starting a webinar series on July 22: Charles “Chuck” Abolt, Los Alamos National Lab, will open the first webinar with his presentation “Circumpolar observations of thermokarst pool expansion in high resolution satellite imagery“. The webinar aims to:1) connect the international science community interested in big data remote sensing of permafrost landscapes, and2) provide the Permafrost Discovery Gateway development team with end-user stories (by the presenter and webinar participants), such as what tools the community needs to create and explore big data. For more info and to sign up for the webinar Google Calendar, please visit: 

Upcoming webinars:

22 Jul.     Chuck Abolt – Circumpolar observations of thermokarst pool expansion in high resolution satellite imagery;

12 Aug.   Melissa Ward Jones – Using ArcticDEM and shallow boreholes to quantify mass wasting sediment loss of retrogressive thaw slumps;

9 Sep.     Soraya Kaiser – Surface water – Automated lake shoreline change detection using very high resolution satellite imagery;

14 Oct.    Stephano Potter – Neural networks to identify burned area and predict carbon emissions across the circumpolar arctic;

11 Nov.    Alexandra Runge – Annual dynamics of rapid permafrost thaw disturbances;

9 Dec.     Elizabeth Webb – Mapping surface water change across the circumpolar region 2000-2021.  

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