PhD Opportunity: Extending large-scale permafrost models to include partially frozen soils, Queen’s University

PhD opportunity in “Extending large-scale permafrost models to include partially frozen soils, Queen’s University” at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, Canada

Dr. Élise Devoie has an opening in their research group at Queen’s University for PhD project starting no later than Fall 2024 on the following topic: Current large-scale permafrost models represent soils using a binary frozen/thawed state. This leads to permafrost maps that do not include soil freezing characteristic curves (SFCCs) or segregated ground ice, and consequently significantly misrepresent ice content. To accurately quantify the ice content of frozen and partially frozen soils in large-scale models, you will derive an extension to a semi-analytical interface model to include partially frozen soils and make it into an ArcMap toolbox. You will run the model using Canadian weather station data, the surficial geology map of Canada, the Ground Ice Map of Canada, and the National Soils Database to define the SFCC. The model will be validated against data collected in the field in three permafrost sites in collaboration with the Guardian program in each region (Indigenous partners in climate change research and monitoring). Results will inform decision-making processes from site selection and foundation design for infrastructure, to water resource management. GIS experience required.

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