Read the annual news bulletin: Frozen Ground 44

Frozen Ground 44 (2020) is now available!

This year the news bulletin not only demonstrates the diversity of interests among our members, but also highlights the adaptability of permafrost activities to the COVID-19 pandemic. Frozen Ground 44 introduces the 2020-2022 Executive Committee and Secretariat, including Words from the new IPA President, Chris Burn (Carleton University, Canada). The bulletin also includes annual updates from Action and Interest Groups, Standing Committees, and Projects, and commemorates the passing of Vyacheslav Nikolaevich Konishchev, Matti Seppälä, and Alan E. Taylor. This year, several organizations associated with the IPA were invited to contribute to Frozen Ground 44 to highlight their recent activities and plans for 2021. 

The bulletin is also accompanied by a 16-page brochure on Transport Canada’s Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative (NTAI) Program. This includes abstracts on several NTAI-supported projects over the last decade. The program has linked numerous universities, governmental organizations, and industries with northerners to understand innovative approaches to permafrost engineering problems. We hope you find the insert useful and encourage you to contact us regarding similar large-scale programs for inclusion in future Frozen Ground bulletins.

Winners of the IPA Photo Contest are announced inside!

Thank you to all those who contributed and to our members for their continued support.

If you are curious about IPA activities in previous years, all Frozen Ground volumes are available via the “Publications” tab.