Permafrost scientists meet to estimate carbon pools in permafrost

Permafrost scientists meet starting June 3rd in Stockholm to evaluate recent advances in the study of carbon pools  in permafrost (in the form of organic carbon, carbon dioxide or methane)

The 2nd CAPP Workhop (Carbon Pools in Permafrost Regions) is sponsored  by Granholms Styftelse and the Bert Bolin Climate Research Centre  (Stockholm University), WCRP-CliC, the EESP-Global Carbon Project, and  the International Permafrost Association. It will address a wide range of issues pertaining to permafrost and Carbon, including:

1) Total permafrost carbon pool;
2) Landscape partitioning (where are the important perennially frozen carbon stocks?);
3) Quality of soil organic matter and potential for decay following permafrost thawing;
4) Greenhouse gas feedbacks on global warming; and
5) How to incorporate detailed field knowledge into general climate and ecosystem models.

Keynote speakers will address these issues from both a local and global perspective and include: Charles Tarnocai (Canada), Lutz Schirrmeister (Germany), Chien-Lu Ping (USA), Torben Christensen (Sweden), Edward Schuur (USA), Sergey Marchenko (USA) and Annette Rinke (Germany).

For further information, please contact:
Peter Kuhry