Frozen Ground 35 now available

Dear Friends of the IPA and fellow permafrost enthusiasts,

Due to the high and time-consuming involvment of the IPA in the organization of the Tenth International Permafrost Association – TICOP – which took place in June 2012 in Salekhard, Russia, as well as changes in the IPA secretary, the finalization of the Frozen Ground issue of 2011 unfortunately took a bit longer than usually. However we are happy to inform you today about the publication of  Frozen Ground 35.
The issue of the bulletin of the International Permafrost Association, Frozen Ground, is now available online at:


  • The contents of the issues are
  • The New IPA Action Groups 
  • The EU Project Page21 
  • The GTN-P workshop
  • The Due Permafrost Project
  • Research Coordination on the Vulnerability of Permafrost  Carbon
  • PermaNet
  • The Second Symposium on Mountain and Arid Land Permafrost 
  • Events & Contacts

The Country Reports of 2011 can be found at