Nominations to IPA Lifetime Achievement award

In 2010, the International Permafrost Association introduced the IPA Lifetime Achievement Award. The Award acknowledges the lifetime contribution of an individual for outstanding research in permafrost science or engineering, and/or for exceptional contributions to the international permafrost community.  A maximum of one award is made every two years, at the Regional and International conferences on permafrost.

The first of these awards was made during the European Conference onPermafrost (EUCOP III) in June 2010 and went to Prof. J. Ross Mackay.The second was awarded during the Tenth International Conference onPermafrost (TICOP) in June 2012 and went to Prof. Nikolai N. Romanovskii.

The next award will be given in June 2014 during the 4th European Conference on Permafrost (EUCOP4) in Évora, Portugal. We invite nominations until the 15th of February 2014.

The IPA has introduced some changes to the nomination and awarding process, based on the feedback from its members. The nominations now have to be motivated, meaning that they need to be supported by a citation and letters of support. The nominations are made directly by the IPA member countries and need to be supported by at least three individuals from three different countries.

If you are interested in nominating an individual, please contact the relevant county representative ( ) and use the following form to prepare your nomination.

IPA Liftetime Achievement Award Nomination Form (pdf)

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2014.