Group picture of the IPA Executive Committee meeting in Vienna

The IPA Executive Committee met for a face-to-face meeting just prior to the EGU 2014 in Vienna (27.04.2014).

The IPA ExCom made last preparations for the permafrost conference (EUCOP4, in June. Furthermore, they discussed upcoming IPA activities (e.g. new Action groups) and different updates (e.g. new website design) being published soon on the IPA website and social media plattforms (,


from left to right: Hanne H. Christiansen (IPA Vice-President), Hujin Jin (accompanying Ma Wei), Dmitry Sergeev (IPA EC Member), Ma Wei (IPA EC Member), Antoni G. Lewkowicz (IPA President), Hugues Lantuit (IPA EC Member), Lothar Schrott (IPA EC Member), Vladimir E. Romanovsky (IPA Vice-President) and Karina Schollaen (IPA Executive Director).