First Circular for the Third European Conference on Permafrost

eucop3_webThe organizers of the Third European Conference on Permafrost are proud to announce the release of the first circular for the conference

The circular is available here:

The conference will focus on both arctic and alpine permafrost research, and recent achievements like the permafrost related IPY campaigns. Issues related to CO2-storage in permafrost areas will also be covered. A preliminary list of the planned topics can be seen here. The conference will also host the official IPA Executive Committee and Council meetings.

Longyearbyen is an exciting place for permafrost scientists in both the academic and engineering communities as it is completely underlain by continuous permafrost. Many periglacial landforms, both mountainous and lowland types, can be studied within the vicinity of Longyearbyen. The construction of new buildings relies heavily on the development of new techniques for frozen ground foundations. The majority, if not all, of the buildings in Longyearbyen have their foundations seated within the permafrost.

The conference will feature exciting field trips in some of the most outstanding permafrost landscapes in the world and boast an amazing social program for senior and early career scientists

EUCOP III is hosted by The University Centre in Svalbard, UNIS, which provides modern conference facilities. Modern hotels and cheaper student accommodation will be available for the conference participants.

You’ll find more information on the conference website: