Permalp releases its map of permafrost distribution in the Austrian alps

The project (2008-2011, University of Salzburg) focuses on the identification and simulation of permafrost in the region of the “Hohe Tauern”, Austrian Alps. An important outcome of the research will be a permafrost distribution map which shows permafrost probability distribution. This map is based on a validated model including a new index approach and results from extensive field studies (geophysics, ground temperature measurements, geomorphological mapping).
A preliminary permafrost distribution map of the Austrian Alps can already be visualized through an interactive WebGIS application and downloaded as a KML file for Google Earth. The online resource of the Web Map Service (WMS) is freely accessible and can be embedded in any web or desktop client like OpenLayers, ArcGIS, GrassGIS or Google Earth. This simulation is based on an adapted topoclimatic approach using PERMAKART and PERM. For further details please visit www.

Research Group Geomorphology and Environmental Systems
University of Salzburg, Austria