The IPA introduces the IPA Lifetime Achievement Award

ipa-logoThe International Permafrost Association is proud to introduce the “IPA Lifetime Achievement Award”. The goal of this award is to acknowledge the lifetime contribution of individuals for outstanding permafrost science and engineering research. and/or for exceptional contributions to the international permafrost research community.

The first of these awards will be made during the European Conference on Permafrost (EUCOP III) in June 2010. The rules are that the award should not be given posthumously and should be granted every two years during the regional and international permafrost conferences.

The nomination process for the award is based on proposals from the IPA member countries. IPA Council members will be encouraged to submit up to three names to be nominated for the award. The Executive Committee of the International Association will then pick a name among those nominated.

The list of IPA Council Members in charge of the nominations is available on the IPA website:

The International Permafrost Association, founded in 1983, has as its objectives to foster the dissemination of knowledge concerning permafrost and to promote cooperation among persons and national or international organizations engaged in scientific investigation and engineering work on permafrost.

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