Call for new Action Groups 2015

Call for funded IPA Action Group applications
Deadline: 30/10/2015
Funding: Up to 2500 €/year
More information:

Dear IPA members,

The IPA is pleased to introduce a call for funded Action Groups. Action Groups are meant to fund targeted groups working towards the production of well-defined products. Action Groups will be funded on a competitive basis at up to 2500 € per year (maximum of 5000 € over the life of an Action Group). Up to 10 000 € per year of the IPA total budget will be devoted to Action Groups. These groups will have limited terms and will need to focus on clearly defined research outputs, such as maps, science plans, or databases, that can be supported through the organization of workshops, management support, technical support, etc. The application form is attached to this email and available online at: The deadline for Action Group proposals will be October 30, 2015.

The application process requires the demonstration of a clear timeline and clear deliverables for the Action Group. It also calls for the involvement of young researchers and a commitment to disseminate results. Do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of the IPA for more information (