IPA Action Group: Arctic Coastal Dynamics (ACD)

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Project Overview

The Arctic Coastal Dynamics (ACD) project began in 1999 as an initiative of the IPA and IASC and quickly developed a vibrant international scientific community. ACD provided significant contributions to International Conferences on Arctic Research Planning, to the International Polar Year, Arctic Observing (SAON, AOS), and the recent transdisciplinary summary of changes in the arctic coastal zone published in 2012 (The State of the Arctic Coast). Since then, the Circumpolar Arctic Coastal Community Observatory network (CACCON) has initiated an international and transdisciplinary effort to link communities and scientists through knowledge hubs. In this context, the ACD project brings together researchers who focus on the physical aspects of arctic coasts and contributes to initiatives across disciplines and stakeholder groups. The year 2016 marks the beginning of a new phase of activity, initiated by a group
of young researchers and beginning with the meeting described below. We welcome the participation of new researchers and groups in the project.

ACD Website News

The ACD website has found a new home at http://arcticcoast.info. The re-designed website offers major improvements to both usability and available content. In addition to a new look, the site makes a number of ACD products available for online viewing and download. These include the State of the Arctic Coast 2010 report, past workshop proceedings, newsletters, and the ACD database (Lantuit et al. 2012), a classification of the Arctic Coast. A newsfeed provides updates on upcoming activities and events. The implementation of additional content and functionality for both specialists and the broader public is underway, including blogs, a discussion forum, FAQs, maps, and infographics. We envision an interactive website with extensive social media integration that will become the research forum for exchanging ideas and knowledge regarding arctic coasts. Arctic Coastal Photos: An invitation to contribute!
ACD invites contributions to a publically available arctic coastal photo repository. These image libraries will be a valuable tool for polar coastal geomorphologists, enabling them to easily explore the diversity of physical processes
and landforms across different coastal systems. Contributions may be submitted to the Flickr group called Arctic Coasts Image Gallery. Contributions by email (acd@awi.de) are also encouraged and welcomed. Coastal Permafrost in Transition: 1-day side meeting @ICOP2016 A one-day side meeting on Arctic Coastal Permafrost in Transition (CPiT) will be held on Sunday June 19, prior to ICOP 2016 in Potsdam, Germany. The CPiT meeting seeks to energize and connect the coastal scientific community through the legacy of the IPA-sponsored ACD group. Goals will be set for the next phase of ACD and international research efforts on polar coastal dynamics, with a focus on physical processes, will be coordinated. Specific objectives of the one-day meeting are to:

• unite researchers from diverse geographic backgrounds and career stages
• explore future research and data needs
• solicit suggestions from participants regarding next steps for ACD
• identify funding sources for future networking opportunities

All interested in attending the side meeting should register on the ACD home page by March 1, 2016. http://acd.arcticportal.org/meetings/cpit-icop2016

by Paul Overduin, Boris Radosavljevic and Louise Farquharson