Become a leader in the Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN)

Dear Permafrost Young Researchers,

Now is YOUR opportunity to shape the future of the next generation of early career permafrost researchers!

The Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN) seeks for a renewal of its current governing bodies – the Executive Committee (ExCom), Executive Council, and National Representatives. The terms for the new committee are for two years (2016-2018) and begin following the International Conference on Permafrost 2016 in June.

Apply by May 1, 2016!


PYRN is led by the Executive Committee (ExCom), supported by the Council, and several national representatives. The ExCom directs the activities of PYRN. It consists of 12 positions: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, newsletter editor, web manager, representative for the next permafrost conference following ICOP2016, and the PYRN executive council. You may apply for particular position; however, you are not required to state the office you are applying for.

The council is an advisory panel responsible for providing feedback from PYRN members to the ExCom. No formal positions exist, however council members may support the ExCom by participating in ExCom task groups. 

A national representative can be any regular PYRN member representing their country. A nation can be represented by several people. All national representatives are automatically part of the Council.

For more information regarding these positions, you can read the PYRN Constitution and Bylaws.

Application Procedure

Please send your application by May 1, 2016, in the form of a motivation letter (max. 300 words) to the current PYRN president George Tanski ( Your application should include the following points:

  • Motivation: Why are you interested in PYRN and being part of the ExCom, Council or National Representatives?
  • Responsibility: What is your major interest/responsibility (e.g. website, newsletter, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), organizing workshops and meetings, outreach)?
  • Experience: Do you have any previous experience within PYRN or other networks?
  • Vision: Where do you see PYRN in the future and how would you like to contribute shaping the future of young permafrost researchers?

Selection Process and Announcement of new leadership

All applications will be received and reviewed by an application committee. Applicants will receive a notification acceptance by May 31, 2016. The new PYRN ExCom will be inaugurated  during the PYRN general assembly on June 19, 2016, following the Young Researchers Workshop.

With best wishes,

Your current PYRN ExCom

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