GlobPermafrost products available through the Permafrost Information System (PerSys) portal

The ESA GlobPermafrost project (2016-2019) recently completed the Permafrost Information System (PerSys), an open access data portal for GlobPermafrost products and related results and data sets. The thematic products include global mean annual ground temperature and zonation for permafrost areas, Landsat trends (1999-2014; 10% of Arctic permafrost covered), local to regional maps on landcover, vegetation height, ground fast lake ice, subsidence rates, and rock glacier activity. A dedicated interface for GlobPermafrost within the AWI Map Portal allows for the visualization of this data. The IPA applauds the GlobPermafrost team for advancing permafrost mapping and adding to the resources available for the permafrost community! We also look forward to future developments stemming from the ESA CCI+ Permafrost project (2018-2021).

GlobPermafrost MAGTmap

Figure: Ground Temperature Map, 2000-2016, Northern Hemisphere Permafrost. Obu, Jaroslav; Westermann, Sebastian; Kääb, Andreas; Bartsch, Annett. 2018. Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, PANGAEA, Figure and associated data available via PerSys.