GTN-P Workshop 2013


May 6. – 8., 2013

WMO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland


Download the workshop agenda (PDF). You can also download the GTN-P Strategy and Implementation Plan to review before the workshop.

Download the report from the 2011 GTN-P workshop in Potsdam (PDF).

Rationale and Objectives

The workshop/meeting will take place May 6th to 8th in Geneva, and consist of an introductory seminar, which will deliver clear guidelines to the National Correspondents (NC) to explain their specific tasks as well as their responsibilities. The measuring protocols and standards and data reporting formats will be also discussed. Subsequent to this a debate on these guidelines, including the active participation of the NCs, Advisory Board, and Technical Advisers will serve to enhance and adapt the guidelines.

The workshop is one important step to contribute to the mission encouraging, facilitating and promoting the sustained access to these permafrost data.

workshop outcomes

Meeting results will be summarized in a workshop report. A guidelines document will also be prepared that will help the National Correspondents to appropriately conduct their work and guarantee a high level of quality and comparability of the collected data.

The results of the workshop will be widely disseminated through the networks of the GTN-P main sponsors and the ones of IASC, SCAR and WMO and be reported on by the IPA on its website and on the upcoming updated GTN-P website. The workshop results will also be communicated to the Arctic Portal and to the stakeholders involved in arctic permafrost observing, in particular the NSF, the EU, SAON, and the ESA.

Travel Information

The details of the agenda will be available soon but for planning purposes you should know the meeting will begin with registration at 12:00 on May 6th and adjourn at 13:00 on the 8th.  The meeting will take place at the WMO Headquarters in Geneva.  The WMO also has a nice visitors page where you can find other information about visiting Geneva if you wish.  We have selected a few hotels (pdf) that are both convenient to the WMO (where the workshop will take place) and the most economical.  We suggest booking your hotel soon to get the best rate.

For information on getting to WMO Headquarters from the Geneva airport please see this page.

Register for the Workshop

Please follow this link to register for the workshop.


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