GTN-P Workshop 2015

The 2nd GTN-P National Correspondents Workshop, held in Quebec, Canada, 19-20 September 2015, accomplished the data policy and citation of the GTN-P datasets on global scale. The database contains permafrost temperature and active layer thickness data which are ready – for the first time – in quality-checked, standardised and model-ready formats. GTN-P will present the first comprehensive report on the thermal state of permafrost coming out of this data collection at the ICOP2016 in Potsdam.


September 19. – 20., 2015
University Laval, Québec, Canada

Rationale and Objectives

The 2nd GTN-P National Correspondents Workshop is a follow-up to the Data Management GTN-P Workshop for data providers, users and national correspondents held in November 2011 in Potsdam, Germany. During this workshop GTN-P was upgraded to a professional operational level, the Strategy and Implementation Plan was finalized and the user requirements were defined to establish the GTN-P Data Management System. Since then, the GTN-P Data Management System was developed ( and and is extremely successfully creating the primary place for finding, exchanging and visualizing standardized thermal permafrost data on global scale.
The main topic of the planned 2nd GTN-P workshop associated to the 7th Canadian Permafrost Conference 2015 in Quebec will be the GTN-P data quality control and the development of a specific plan to prepare the first GTN-P bi-annual report on the thermal state and the international monitoring quality of the Earth’s permafrost areas. Further, the workshop will address the meaning and role of GTN-P at the 11th International Conference on Permafrost that will be held in Potsdam, Germany in June, 2016.

Agenda and Template for Talks

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