Read the annual news bulletin: Frozen Ground 45

Frozen Ground 45 (2021) is now available!

Frozen Ground 45 highlights the tenacity of international permafrost activities during the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic and celebrates our gradual return to fieldwork. IPA President, Prof. Chris Burn, leads with a synopsis and interesting perspective of Susan Crate‘s latest book: Once Upon the Permafrost: Knowing Culture and Climate Change in Siberia. The bulletin also includes annual updates from Action Groups, Standing Committees, Projects, and Associated Organizations. We are pleased to announce two NEW Action Groups! Frozen Ground 45 also commemorates the passing of Geoffrey “Graeme” CarrĂ© Claridge (b. 1931) and Arthur H. Lachenbruch (b. 1925).

Later this year the IPA will run its 2nd Photo Contest, themed “Return to Fieldwork”. So dust off your cameras and snap your best landscape, wildlife, and action shots!

Thank you to all those who contributed and to our members for their continued support.

If you are curious about IPA activities in previous years, all Frozen Ground volumes are available via the “Publications” tab.