Education and Outreach

The IPA Education and Outreach Standing Committee promotes permafrost education and outreach to all generations across the globe.  We welcome any comments, questions, and suggestions, sent to any member of the Education and Outreach Standing Committee, or co-chairs Anna ( and Ylva ( 


  • Anna Klene (co-chair)
  • Ylva Sjöberg (co-chair)


  • Kenji Yoshikawa
  • Koichiro Harada
  • Margaret Cysewski
  • Frédérick Bouchard
  • Josefine Lenz
  • Alexey Maslakov
  • Hanne Christiansen
  • Sarah Strand
  • Juliane Wolter
  • Fabrice Calmels
  • Dario Trombotto
  • Xiangbing Kong (PYRN representative) 
Schoolchildren designing the ultimate permafrost-meter, inspired by frozen ground cartoons. Photo: Ylva Sjöbergeach

Education and outreach resources:

Statement of Goals

The Standing Committee shall…

  • make recommendations to the permafrost community and the wider public to better publicize media and outreach products on permafrost

The Standing Committee should…

  • Advise the Executive Committee on Education and Outreach activities as well as coordinate and initiate Education and Outreach activities for the International Permafrost Association in partnership with the IPA Secretariat and/or other organizations.
  • Help the Executive Committee to develop a strong corporate identity for the IPA, including graphics, web instruments, and presentations.
  • Ensure the presence and involvement of young researchers and educators in IPA activities.
  • Seek to develop educational products for non-specialist audiences, including youth, teachers, journalists or policy-makers.
  • Help to maintain a database of subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Support the development and maintenance of the International University Courses on Permafrost database
  • Seek to develop the place of permafrost in education curricula. It should do so by developing course syllabi, background literature suggestions, course presentation material, but also by collaborating with the relevant stakeholders on the development of permafrost courses.
  • Foster the development of field courses and summer schools on permafrost-related topics
  • Try to articulate the IPA’s education and outreach activities in broader education frameworks
  • Support PYRN and ensure that its activities are known in the permafrost community and beyond (e.g. APECS)


Elementary school of Logarithm, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (22 November 2023)