IPA Resolutions: Fairbanks, Alaska, 3 July 2008 (9th ICOP)


The IPA resolves to continue coordination of pre-IPY and IPY observing programs related to active layer (CALM), thermal state of permafrost (TSP), coastal erosion (ACD/ACCO-Net), and carbon stocks (CAPP).

  • IPA resolves to seek the establishment of a permanent network of permafrost observatories in cooperation with all appropriate national and international programs.
  • IPA resolves to coordinate activities to produce an electronically accessible “snapshot” of IPY permafrost data and other available information according to the schedule proposed by the Standing Committee on Data Information and Communication.
  • IPA, through its Working Parties or Executive Committee, resolves to continue collaboration with other appropriate international organizations.
  • IPA, through individuals and national adhering bodies, resolves to provide input to climate assessments such as IPCC, ACIA and SWIPA.


Be it resolved that IPA Working Parties (Working Groups, Task Forces and Standing Committees) develop short-term, achievable objectives and that progress be reviewed biannually at regional or ICOP conferences. Furthermore special attention be devoted to needs and advances in remote sensing, subglacial permafrost, modeling, geophysical techniques, and regional mapping.
Recognizing the IPA commitment to the development of the next generation of researchers, both scientist and engineers, be it resolved that the Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN) be formally recognized as an official organization within the IPA (an adhering network), having permanent observer status at IPA Council meetings.
Be it resolved that wherever possible, Adhering Bodies, encourage collaboration between scientific and engineering activities and organizations.

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